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More than a hundred golfers have already put their names down to compete in the tournament located at five Costa courses
11.04.14 - 11:37 -
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Golfers sign up for SUR in English Tour
The final will take place at Los Flamingos Golf Course. :: SUR
As part of the 30th anniversary of SUR in English a golf tournament will be taking place over the coming weeks at five prestigious golf courses in the south of Spain.
So far hundreds of golfers have signed up for the competition which begins on 27th April at Atalaya Old Course in Marbella.
All amateur players who have a licence from a Spanish or foreign association can take part in the tour which ends on 28th June with the Grand Final located at Villa Padierna.
The tournament was launched by USOpen winner and Benahavís resident Michael Campbell who has recently opened a golf academy at Villa Padierna.
Players will be divided into two categories according to their handicap. The first three players of each category will receive a trophy and prize in each tournament. The first six players, in each tournament, in each category will be invited to play in the Grand Final. A Rolex watch worth more than 5,000 euros is the prize for a hole in one in the final.
Golfers interested in taking past should register at