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Up for 5.6 million euros, Prince is selling the Costa del Sol mansion that he presented as a gift to his former wife
11.04.14 - 13:08 -
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Prince’s Marbella mansion up for sale
The heated pool in which Prince and Mayte used to go swimming at the entrance to the villa, surrounded by a veranda. :: E&VMW
Up for 5.6 million euros, Prince is selling the Costa del Sol mansion that he presented as a gift to his former wife
Mayte García was the apple of Prince’s eye, ‘the most beautiful girl in the world’. She was the ‘you’ in his first and legendary hit ‘For you’.
By the age of 30, the Minneapolis-raised star who, as a child, spent his time flicking through his mother’s erotic novels when he wasn’t teaching himself piano from the Batman theme song on TV, had already made it.
Having grown up listening to his father’s local jazz group (Prince Rogers Trio) Prince Rogers Nelson followed in his father’s footsteps and his name began earning him a reputation during the nineties, along with multimillion sales, a neat collection of Grammy awards and an Oscar for ‘Purple Rain’ . He gained the admiration and recognition of other artists, huge critical acclaim and of course, a host of ‘Prince subjects’ spread all over the world.
Prince, known for being capable of seducing any woman at his disposition, had legendary celebrities like Kim Basinger, Madonna and Carmen Electra on his list of romantic conquests.
At that time, however, Prince still hadn’t found his true love, his muse, the woman who would make him whole - and then a curvacious 17-year-old Puerto Rican came along. A beautiful creature with a feline air about her, she came to Prince’s dance troupe in 1991 when ‘his purple highness’ was taking the world by storm with his album ‘Diamonds and Pearls’ at the age of 33.
At the peak of his game, life was already going swimmingly when he discovered his other half, the Latin dancer who was going to become his wife on Valentine’s Day of 1996.
True paradise
The prince’s wedding gift to his princess can’t really be described as having been anything other than a palace. Though it may sound like the stuff of fairytales, Prince made it happen.
The flamboyant artist, who had held a concert in Marbella in 1990, was captivated by the delights of the Costa del Sol, with its streets jammed with Rolls Royces and Ferraris, and its rivers of Bollinger and Dom Pérignon. Prince chose a perfect plot located in an area appropriately called ‘El Paraíso’. A stone’s throw from the beach and the Villa Padierna hotel, it was also near to ‘Bel-Air’ in case the jet-setting dancer were to suffer any homesickness.
The mansion, which is now being sold at 5.6 millon euros (according to Engel & Völkers Marbella West, the estate agent which has put it on the market), exudes luxury from every corner of the house, and there are a lot of them: the house covers 890 square metres on a plot of almost 6,000.
The property’s list of features is almost as extensive as that of Prince’s previous relationships, with a huge imperial staircase, complete with a spectacular chandelier.
In awe of the ceiling and walls, you might not even notice that the floor, in all eleven bedrooms (each with an ensuite and private terrace) is made entirely of marble.
The outdoor swimming pool is heated and, of course, comes with a jacuzzi. There is a gym and tennis court beside an impressive tropical garden and the security systems cost the singer a massive half a million pounds.
The house, although now renovated, has still retained some of the original details from the period when the artist was residing there with his wife, “simultaneously the happiest and the most miserable time of his life”, according to the estate agent.
Prince entered the door to that home a happy man and left with a number of deep and harrowing wounds.
After tasting happiness and trying to preserve it within his palace in Marbella, Prince suffered a tragic loss when his son passed away a week after being born.
When his marriage with Mayte broke down, the artist resolved never to set foot in the house again, haunted by the memories of his former life.
He set out to sell the mansion from the US, while Mayte made use of it at weekends.


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