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About 500 people have attended the meetings organised by the bank in Nerja, Fuengirola and Marbella
11.04.14 - 13:57 -
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CaixaBank gives talks to the Costa del Sol's Swedish community to attract clients
One of the meetings was held in Marbella this week. :: josele-lanza
About 500 people have attended the meetings organised by the bank in Nerja, Fuengirola and Marbella
Information about financial services and social projects, a look at the present banking situation in Spain and the economy in general and, of course, answers to any questions that arise.
CaixaBank sees the Swedish community on the Costa del Sol as a source of potential clients and for that reason it has organised a series of meetings to introduce the bank and to generate confidence in it among the members of one of the largest foreign communities in Malaga province.
So far, Nerja, Fuengirola and Marbella have been the towns selected by Caixabank to host these specialist talks and those that have been held so far have been attended by about 500 people. Those who went to the meeting in Marbella, which was held at La Quinta Golf hotel, were not only able to find out more about the services and characteristics of CaixaBank, but also to hear a talk about the social and economic reality of Spain which was given by Mats Andres Björkman, the editor of the Sydkusten magazine.
These meetings have been designed as a transversal project which is aimed not only at those who already live on the Costa del Sol but also non-residents. Sources at the bank say that the Spanish financial system is explained in a straightforward manner at these talks, so that people have more confidence in it.
CaixaBank has about 13.6 million clients, 33,000 employees, 6,000 branches, 10,000 automatic cash machines and a presence in 14 countries. These are just some of the figures it is able to demonstrate to the Swedish community at these meetings, as well as providing information about its social activity and, of course, how the Spanish tax system treats foreigners in Spain, both residents and non-residents.
The speakers informed those who attended the talks that there is a Double Taxation Agreement between Spain and Sweden for non-residents.
“For these people, it is good news that this agreement exists because, as its name indicates, it means people are not taxed twice and it applies to taxes on income, assets and inheritance (but not donations),” say sources at the bank.
Among those who were present at the talks was the regional director of CaixaBank in eastern Andalucía, Victorino Lluch.


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