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The start of the tourist season means four new routes to and from the capital of the Costa del Sol
11.04.14 - 10:35 -
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British Airways flights from Heathrow to Malaga back on
A British Airways flight approaches Malaga airport. :: SALVADOR SALAS
Malaga airport is beginning the tourist season with four new or restored routes.
The first of these is the much requested restoration of flights to and from Heathrow airport, thus connecting Malaga with an international transport hub and the rest of the world.
British Airways now flies twice a week to Malaga from London Heathrow as does Aer Lingus from Shannon in Ireland. Low cost airline Jet2 is going to fly from Belfast to Malaga twice a week.
In domestic terms, Spanish airline Vueling plans to fly to Asturias from Malaga six times a week.
The provision of the new routes corresponds with forecasts that during this year’s high season the number of seats available on planes to and from Malaga airport will grow by five per cent.
Airlines have programmed a total of 11,588,460 aeroplane seats for the tourist season, which officially runs until October. It starts and ends with the European Summertime season - or the changing of the clocks.


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