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Two Malaga entrepreneurs have started a firm in London to help Spanish exports
09.04.14 - 09:53 -
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Taking Spanish products to the UK
Jesús Manso and Juan José Galicia, the creators of Tradez Consultancy. :: SUR
Jesús Manso Arcas, 30, and Juan José Galicia Montero, 28, met while they were studying Administration and Business Management at Malaga University. However their career paths took them different ways. Jesús worked mainly for Unicaja and later for a British finance firm in Spain. Juan concentrated on exports and worked for the Andalucía Agency for Exterior Promotion, Extenda.
Last year, however, they got back together to form Tradex Consultancy, based at Barking Enterprise Centre in London.
“Extenda had left its London office with just one employee and Juan José thought it would be a good time to set up an international exports and imports consultancy. In October 2013 we started working from Spain looking for firms interested in opening a market with Great Britain,” said Jesús Manso from the UK.
As managing director of the firm, he explained that they decided to set up their company in the UK because of the advantages the country offers over Spain.
“Here, it is all so much simpler and we don’t get sent from one place to another. We made a flying visit to London in November and set everything up. Since January we have both been working from the UK.”
For Jesús Manso the fact that they are both resident in the UK is “a competitive advantage” compared with other consultancies.
“We are in the UK and our offices are in London. Our aim is to help Spanish firms to sell in England and we thought that to do that we needed to live here, because it’s the best way to take forward our business project,” explained Manso.
After barely three months in operation, Tradex Consultancy already has two employees and a client base of more than 20 Spanish firms. They offer them advice as well as helping them find British customers.
One of their most recent jobs has been a commercial venture in the business centre where the company is based, organising a meeting between ten Andalusian companies from the olive oil sector and 17 British supermarket chains, distributors and importers to negotiate deals that would allow the oil mills to export to the UK.
“We contacted a large number of Malaga-based firms, but none was interested, so we only had extra virgin olive oil producers from Jaén,” pointed out Manso.
Tradex Consultancy is now planning another two commercial ventures on their premises, one with the wine sector and another with fruit and vegetable producers. They are also advising textile firms looking for outlets in the UK.
They have set themselves a target of a year to see whether their business is viable.