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Company director Andrew Bush was shot twice in the head on Saturday morning at his property in Estepona
07.04.14 - 14:29 -
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Ex-girlfriend of murdered British businessman arrested in Slovakia
Mayka Marica Kukucova. with murdered ex-boyfriend Andrew Bush. :: SUR
Mayka Marica Kukucova was arrested in Slovakia after a three day manhunt. The 24-year old model is the main suspect in the murder of millionaire British jeweller.
Andrew Bush, 49, from Bristol was found dead in the early hours of Saturday morning in his property in Cancelada, Estepona.
Sources have said that it is possible that Kukucova was waiting at the property for days until Mr Bush returned from a trip.
Mr Bush’s current partner phoned emergency services at 2am on Saturday as she was unable to get into the property. Firefighters and police scaled the outside wall and found the body in a pool of blood with a gun beside.
Bush owned a chain of jewellery shops in the UK and had a home in Wales, but he spent much of his time at the luxury mansion in Cancelada.


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