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Senegal born artist Omar Victor Diop's new exhibition 'Le Studio De Vanités'
04.04.14 - 15:57 -
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Senegal’s modern culture captured
Omar Victor Diop with his photographs. :: Fernando González
Senegal born artist Omar Victor Diop has opened his new exhibition at the French Alliance under the title ‘Le Studio De Vanités’. A refreshing change from the largely Europe-based artwork seen these days, Diop fuses his Parisian training with his experiences of Senegal, Kenya and Nigeria. The photographs feature strong cultural influences from Dakar.
The 12 portraits on show link the Senegalese capital with modernity but they do not lose the essence of “traditional African photography from the 50s and 60s,” stated the artist.
Dakar as a cultural hub
The models in the majority of images are in fact prominent artists, designers or journalists in Senegal who have worked or studied abroad but now chose to project the cultural vitality of Dakar to the rest of the world.
“I stayed in my home city because it is a place that inspires me and because I believe that from there culture can be exported in the same way as culture from Paris or New York,” stated Doip.
The artist stresses the importance of paying attention the details of each photograph. The backgrounds and clothing are meticulously thought out and a special fund for each model’s costume is needed; preparation for just one portrait can take up to a week.