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Prizes were awarded at the Malaga Film Festival closing ceremony after a week of glamour, creativity and fun
04.04.14 - 14:39 -
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10,000 km streaks ahead of the rest in the race for festival prizes
Winners at the official 17th Malaga Film Festival gala. :: Álvaro Cabrera
The film ‘10,000 km’ directed by Carlos Marqués-Marcet won the ‘Biznaga de Oro’, turned out to be the shining star of the festival. The film tells the story of two long distance lovers and their relationship through the use of social media: video chat; Whatsapp and social networking sites. It won a total of five festival prizes for Best Film, Best Director, Best Newcomer and the Critics’ Prize while ‘10,000 km’ star Natalia Tena shared Best Actress with Elena Anaya for ‘Todos están muertos’ (They are all dead).
The festival prizes themselves take the form of the well known Malaga symbol, the ‘Biznaga’, a cactus-type stem with delicate jasmine flowers stuck on the spikes.
Local pride was evident from the sweeping popularity of the Malaga-made film ‘321 días en Michigan’ (321 days in Michigan), written by Enrique García. This tells the story of a brilliant young man who goes to prison for fraud but tells all who know him that he is going to study in America. The film achieved the Public’s Prize. Two actors from ‘321 dias en Michigan’ also shared the prize for Best Supporting Actor: Salva Reina for his role as ‘Juani’ and Héctor Medina as ‘Carmona’.
Popular actor-turned-director Paco León won the Best Script award for his film ‘Carmina y Amén’, starring his sister (María León) and mother. However it was not his sister who walked away with a prize for her part in the film. The prize for Best Supporting Actress went to co-star Yolanda Ramos for her part as ‘Yoli’.
‘Carmina y Amén’ tells the story of a mother and daughter who must hide the dead body of their husband and father for two days and their life changes.
Best Actor was awarded to Juan Diego for his role as ‘Ricardo’ in ‘Anochece en la India’ (Night falls in India). The film uses the motif of a journey through India to tell a story of love and the passing of time; it was awarded Best Scenery as well.
On top of Elena Anaya’s success in winning joint Best Actress for her part in ‘Todos están muertos’, the film received two other awards. The first was the Special Young Judges’ Prize and Akrobats were awarded Best Soundtrack for their musical contribution to Beatriz Sanchis’s film about a mother who lives with her agoraphobic daughter and her encounter with the ghost of her brother.
English Language film, ‘No llores, vuela’ (Aloft- original title) by Claudia Llosa, the story of a struggling mother who finds the son she abandoned 20 years earlier won the prize for Best Camerawork.
Other categories included the judgement of the documentaries and Latin American films. In the Latin American category (Territorio Latino) one film that enjoyed particular success was E. Darnas’s ‘Conducta’, winning Best film, Best Director, Best Actress and the Public’s Prize. In terms of documentaries, the winning entry was ‘Ciutat morta’ (Dead City), by Xavier Artigas and Xapo Ortega. With Sebastián Alfie winning both Best Director and the Public Prize for ‘Gabor’ and the Special Judges’ Prize going to ‘Equipo Verde’, directed by Alejandra Almirón.


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