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Gordon Loughnane is set to run 10km a day for six months to raise funds for a local boy’s operation
04.04.14 - 15:07 -
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Keep on running!
Jake and Gordon during his charity beard and hair trim last month. :: SUR
An Irishman is hoping to raise thousands of euros for a nine-year-old boy’s life-changing operation by running 1,825km (1,134 miles) over six months.
Marbella resident Gordon Loughnane started his epic fundraiser last Monday (1 April) and plans to run 10km (6.2 miles) every day until 1 October.
The 41-year-old will run from the Puerto Deportivo to the wooden bridge in Puerto Banús and back along the Paseo Marítimo every day - and is encouraging others to join him.
He hopes to raise several thousand euros for Mijas Costa-based Jake Rose, who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy and needs an urgent operation in America.
Gordon, who owns the Irishman bar in Marbella’s port, has already raised 1,500 euros for the youngster after agreeing to have his head and beard shaved on opposite sides at his bar in Marbella last month.
“I only met him about a week ago as he was in the bar with his mum,” said Gordon, who is from Borrisoleigh, Tipperary.
“My nephew had a seizure in Marbella just over a year ago. The doctors still don’t know if it was epilepsy or not. So when I met Jake it struck a chord with me.
“I’ve been in Marbella for ten years but I’ve never done anything as serious as this so I’m hoping to raise it all. It’s going to be tough on the legs. It’s optimistic but I’m hoping to get as close to the fundraising total as possible. If we get enough people behind it we can do it. And people can join me any day they like.”
Jake has complex partial epilepsy in the frontal lobe and has been put into an induced coma several times over the last few years due to his uncontrollable seizures.
His mother Debbie said she is hoping to send him to a specialised children’s hospital in Ohio for further operations that can’t be done in Spain.
Debbie, who lives in Mijas Costa, said: “He deserves a better quality of life and the opportunity to a future. He has already missed two years of schooling and the chance to build relationships with his peers. I can not sit back and see this happening to my son when I know something can be done. I want to give him the best chance in life, he is just a child who deserves so much more.
“We are raising money to take him to the Rainbow Clinic, please help, no matter how small. Every little helps because together we can make a difference and change Jake’s life.”
The operation he needs in America costs 120,000 euros, of which just over 30,000 has been raised so far.


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