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The cliffs of Maro, an area which is notoriously hard to access, have been used by a drug smuggling gang to hide over a thousand kilos of hashish
04.04.14 - 12:10 -
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Gang exploiting immigrants to smuggle drugs is caught out
The complicated pulley system used on the cliffs of Maro by the gang to smuggle the drugs. :: SUR
According to the Guardia Civil, a gang exploiting immigrants to smuggle drugs from the cliffs of Maro in a highly sophisticated system has been detained.
The organisation was taking advantage of illegal immmigrants without papers in order to unload packages of hashish among the rocks.
An illegal immigrant will generally accept 200-300 euros per working day for the illegal activity, while a native inhabitant charges ten times that amount for the same work.
The dangerous nature of the work was made apparent when, during a raid, one of the immigrants fell from the cliff and remained struggling in the waves for a number of hours.
The work of the gang was put to a stop when, during a police operation, 26 people were arrested and over 1,476 kilos of hashish were seized.
All those arrested are Spanish except seven who are from Ghana.


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