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Mario Navas, violinist with the Cuarteto Granada talks about ‘The Beatles Songbook’, new fusion project of jazz and classical music
28.03.14 - 15:20 -
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Modern music fusion brings back the Beatles
The Cuarteto Granada and Jazz duo Javier Navas and José Carra. :: SUR
Mario Navas, violinist with the Cuarteto Granada talks about ‘The Beatles Songbook’, new fusion project of jazz and classical music
Thursday 3rd April sees an exciting concert at the Echegaray Theatre. Using an innovative format, the Cuarteto Granada, made up by Mario Navas, Emilia Ferriz, Mañuel Moreno and Jeremías Sanz, in conjunction with the jazz duo, Javier Navas and José Carra, will be staging a live recording of their new project ‘The Beatles Songbook’.
This recording will be inextricably linked to audience participation. By attending the concert the audience will allow the concept of ‘crowdfunding’ to be put in to action. The public get to be a real part of the project by boosting the atmosphere and becoming symbolic producers of the album themselves, simply by buying a ticket.
The group will perform their unique interpretation of some of “the most well known to some of the lesser known songs which are nonetheless brilliant,” says Mario Navas, violinist for the quartet. These will include some favourites like ‘HeyJude’, ‘Blackbird’ and ‘Eleanor Rigby’ as well as the lesser known ‘Martha My Dear’ and ‘Mother Nature’s Son’.
Navas, who studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London for six years, describes how the project fuses a mixture of his own and the quartet’s classical training with the modern jazz style of the jazz duo to create a very modern take on the Beatles classics. “All the songs are new compositions,” he says. Although Navas “couldn’t choose a favourite” he describes how some songs lent themselves very well to the style of the group, particularly “Norwegian Wood” and “Hey Jude”.
Navas goes on to explain how the timeless songs of the Beatles are infinitely “attractive to all bands” due to their enduring appeal and adaptability. This allowed the group to create a non-artificial “organic and natural” sound through the fusing of classical, minimalist and jazz music.
The project itself only took a year to put together. Navas, who has played the violin since he was eight years old and who studied at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Málaga before moving to London, is accompanied by a band of equally prolific musicians who have been internationally trained in places such as Dublin, Manchester and Paris.
The concert itself has been described by ‘Aforo Libre’- art and culture magazine as an ‘original show that is both daring and of quality’. The mixture of the classical quartet with the vibraphone and jazz piano of the duo lends itself to a cutting-edge performance which, when infused with the quintessential Beatles music, promises to be not only innovative and interesting but highly enjoyable as well. Navas stresses that the part of the project he loves the most is the concert itself which will be the culmination of “months of work” and unique in its crowdfunding format and interpretation.