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A minute's silence was held by local and regional authorities all over the region
28.03.14 - 11:23 -
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The death of Adolfo Suárez on Sunday was marked throughout Spain.
A large number of town halls and other official organisations held a minute’s silence on Monday to honour him, including Malaga city hall and the councils of Marbella, Frigiliana and Fuengirola, among others. In Nerja the mayor, José Alberto Armijo, made an official statement. Flags were flown at half mast in most places.
Many municipalities in Malaga province announced plans to name streets after Suárez. Both Coín and Vélez-Málaga have decided to dedicate a street, square or roundabout to the first democratic leader of Spain. In Marbella the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, said that the town would organise a series of events about the transition to democracy and about the leadership of Adolfo Suárez himself.
Adolfo Suárez Airport
In Madrid, the Public Works Ministry has announced that it will approve the local government’s request to rename the capital’s Barajas airport after Adolfo Suárez. In a statement it said, “Prime Minister Adolfo Suárez played a vital role in the history of Spain. To honour his memory, expressions of recognition and respect for the historical role of the first prime minister of our democracy are essential.”