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The first luggage transfer for cruise ship passengers between port and airport was hailed a success on Wednesday
28.03.14 - 11:01 -
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Five cruise ships meet in Malaga
The five ships were moored alongside each other for several hours on Wednesday. Ñito Salas
Malaga has added a new dimension to the experience of cruise ship passengers in the city.
On Wednesday, for the first time ever, the luggage of passengers leaving cruise ships to fly home as well as that of those flying in to join a cruise was transported across the city without the passengers having to carry it themselves.
The successful and minutely planned operation used 14 vehicles to transport 6,000 pieces of luggage across Malaga.
Five thousand people were flown in and out of the city in 33 aeroplanes in the space of four hours. They were taken to and from the cruise ship terminal by a fleet of a hundred buses.


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