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Film-making talent from around the country has gathered to celebrate the 17th year of the festival and compete in this on-screen exposition
28.03.14 - 12:52 -
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The 17th Malaga festival is first for fans, fun and films
Natalia Tena with Carlos Marqués-Marcet and David Verdaguer. :: SUR
Film-making talent from around the country has gathered to celebrate the 17th year of the festival and compete in this on-screen exposition
With the unfurling of the red carpet last Friday through Calle Larios a wave of Film Festival fever hit the city centre of Malaga. With the most celebrated Spanish directors, producers and actors gathering for this master class in cinematography and film-making talent.
This year we have seen a surge in competition submissions made in original version with Spanish subtitles and, with a few internationally famous faces such as Natalia Tena (Harry Potter and Game of Thrones), the 17th Malaga Festival has been truly cosmopolitan. With movies set all round the world from Ireland to Russia to Pakistan the Festival has taken its followers on journey through film. That said, there have been some entries that truly show Malaga-born talent, for instance Enrique García’s ‘321 días en Michigan’ (321 days in Michigan), a film made by a purely Malaga-born team of actors, actresses and producers.
Other displays of Andalusian talent include the popular TV show actor and director Paco León’s entry of ‘Carmina y Amén’, a film that prompted the protagonist his mother Carmina’s return to Malaga. The film starred both his mother and sister and was well received by critics. It tells the story of the mother and daughter’s struggle following the sudden death of the husband, and is set in Seville.
Alongside the long and short film competition sections the festival has also played host to a stream of documentaries, Latin American works and replaying of old winners and favourites such as ‘El Laberinto del Fauno’ (Pan’s Labyrinth- Guillermo del Toro). Documentaries have been hard-hitting in nature and unflinchingly capture of some of the polemic topics in the world today, particularly looking at injustice in South America.
The festival itself has caused a frenzied buzzing atmosphere, screaming fans and cultural celebration. With the daily screenings and events, the city centre has drawn in visitors from all round Spain and internationally as well. The surrounding restaurants have been full most nights and #festivalmalaga has even been trending on Twitter. Non-screen based events have also ranged from musical performances and conferences to kids’ clubs.
There is still time to be a part of the cultural celebration, with more screenings and events throughout today and tomorrow; tickets are available for purchase in the city centre.


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