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Marbella International University Centre, a new private university, has finished its renovation works and only lacks Junta permission to open
26.03.14 - 09:54 -
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New private university in El Pinillo is ready for final approval from Junta
Work has finished on the new university building. :: JOSELE-LANZA
Marbella’s new private university, situated in El Pinillo, is close to being ready to open for business at the start of the academic year in the autumn.
The university, known as MIUC - Marbella International University Centre - has practically completed the renovation of its site with an investment of 2.2 million euros for the initial phase alone.
The principal entrance to the university pays homage to Marbella with a reproduction of its iconic arch.
While the building work might be finished, the university still needs its final green light from the ‘Dirección General de Universidades’ of the Junta de Andalucía in order to open. The Junta has requested a final set of documents, “which guarantee a high standard of education with study plans that have to be validated” before it gives the project its go-ahead. Additionally the Junta requires proof of the solvency of the new centre so that students are able to complete their studies.
MIUC will open for the year 2014/2015 with four degree courses - in communication, political sciences, international business and publicity and marketing. The centre has already opened its application process and is expecting to have 100 students in its first year.
The annual cost of studies is 18,900 euros and a deposit of 500 euros is required to reserve a place. The rest of the fees can be paid in two parts and there will be five grants given out each year.
The university will also run four one-year masters degrees - in marketing, hotel management and tourism, political sciences and business administration. Classes in all subjects will be in English or Spanish according to the language levels of the students.
The centre is to have an open day in May, not just for interested students but so that citizens of Marbella can get to know their new educational centre.


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