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The cinema has been declared in ruins and it may be replaced by an apartment block or a hotel in the future
24.03.14 - 09:53 -
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Malaga’s old Cine Andalucía to be demolished after fire
An investigation is being carried out into the cause of the fire in the disused building. :: SUR
The well-known former Cine Andalucía in Calle Victoria in Malaga city will have to be demolished after being badly damaged by fire last week. The blaze ripped through the building shortly before 5am on Saturday 15th, destroying the seating area and causing part of the upper floor to collapse.
At first, Malaga council asked the owner of the building, Cine Ciudad, to ensure that it was made safe and blocked off so that nobody could enter it, but following further inspection of the damage by Town Hall experts it was declared to be in ruins and the owner has now been told that it will have to be knocked down.
Cine Ciudad had already considered demolishing the Cine Andalucía building, which operated as a cinema between 1958 and 2005 but had fallen into a state of disrepair, and converting the site to residential or hotel use, but the company had not expected to have to carry out the demolition so soon.
The order from the Town Hall is for the building to be knocked down as soon as possible as it is danger of collapse, although no time limit has been set for this to be done.
Sources at the Town Hall say they do not yet know what the owners’ plans are for the site when the cinema has been demolished, but it is certain that whatever is decided, the new project will be carried out in the near future.


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