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A cargo ship, which had been observed as acting suspiciously, has been seized by customs officials with 15,000 kilos of hashish aboard
21.03.14 - 14:39 -
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Ship seized with 15,000 kilos of hash aboard
The ship is being held in Malaga’s docks. :: S.S..
.The ‘Mayak’, a cargo ship 63 metres long and from Sierra Leone, was not seen loading cargo at the ports it visited or following its declared route.
In a joint operation with French and Italian customs, the ship was boarded by officials while out at sea at the weekend, 30 nautical miles off the coast of Malaga in an area which is classified as international waters.
The deck of the ship was covered in a total of 565 bundles containing hash which had just been delivered by speed boats coming from Morocco. The crew were surprised in the act of stowing the haul.
Although the ship’s exact destination is not yet known it is believed it was heading in the direction of Cadiz.
The area where the Mayak was found is part of a new drugs route in the eastern Mediterranean. This is the sixth such large drugs bust by customs since last July and brings the total of seized drugs to 75 tonnes in that time.
Eight crew members of the Mayak have been arrested.


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