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The PSOE has criticised the PP Government for "raising a psychological barrier" between communities in La Línea and Gibraltar
17.03.14 - 12:50 -
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PSOE announces support for Gibraltar workers amid fresh border complaints
Thousands were left waiting for up to an hour on Tuesday after border guards slowed the queue down. :: A. B.
The secretary general of the PSOE in Cadiz, Irene García, and PSOE spokesman, Mario Jiménez, held a meeting last Tuesday with representatives of several groups concerned with Spain-Gibraltar border issues. These included the ‘Asociación sociocultural de trabajadores españoles en Gibraltar’ (sociocultural association of Spanish workers in Gibraltar’, known as Ascteg), the ‘Grupo Transfronterizo’ (cross border group) and ‘Por una Frontera Humanitaria’ (for a humanitarian border). The mayor of La Linea, Gemma Araujo, also attended.
Mario Jiménez said, after the meeting, “The border situation is not one of sovereignty, it is more personal and human and affects the rights of workers and businesses who are living through a period of unease. It is separating two communities who have lived side by side happily for over thirty years.” Jiménez blamed the ruling PP for aggravating the border situation last summer in order to create a smokescreen over the Gürtel corruption scandal and the economic crisis.
He also announced that his party is going to unroll a range of initiatives deemed necessary to protect a group who are being punished by by “the bad decisions and bad politics” of the government.
La Línea Mayor Gemma Araujo said that “the queues are affecting more than 7,000 Spanish workers who have to cross the border every day. The commercial sectors of La Línea and Gibraltar are suffering as a result”.
The meeting comes shortly after an official statement by the Gibraltar government criticising the steep growth in the border queues during the month of February. And the first days of March - with waiting periods of up to three hours - “did not bring good news either”.