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Queen Sofía received a delegation from Macharaviaya and Pensacola who are calling for due recognition to be given to Bernardo de Gálvez
14.03.14 - 13:42 -
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The brigadier gets an audience with the Queen
Queen Sofía, on Wednesday, with the delegations from Malaga and Pesacola in the Zarzuela. :: EFE
Bernardo de Gálvez is continuing his new journey to the USA. Now, though, this soldier from Malaga who became governor of Louisiana, Count Gálvez, commander-in-chief of Cuba and viceroy of New Spain, is not travelling to play a decisive role in the American War of Independence with his conquest of Pensacola; this is a campaigning trip to remind people of the part that this brigadier, who was born in Macharaviaya, played in the history of that country. The US Congress even recognised this 230 years ago, in a resolution of 1783 in which it was agreed that De Gálvez would be remembered by a portrait hung on the walls of the Capitol building, although this is something that was never done.
This week Queen Sofía received a delegation of citizens of Pensacola at the Zarzuela Palace. They are campaigning for proper recognition to be given to this general.
After greeting the Queen, the honorary vice-consul of Spain in Pensacola, María Dolores Davis, presented her with a petition from the 20 members of the delegation, among whom was the mayor of Macharaviaya, Antonio Campos, reported the Efe news agency. The efforts of these Americans, who represent different institutions such as the Gálvez Celebration Pensacola and the Pensacola International Advisory Committe, are focused on paying tribute to a Spanish man whose role in the War of Independence was considered key to the triumph over the British.
During their visit to Spain the group was due to hold other meetings, including one with the mayor of Madrid, Ana Botella, to promote their activities related to making Bernardo de Gálvez better known. Their presence in Spain comes at the time when an application for him to be named an honorary citizen of the United States of America because of his heroic role in the War of Independence is facing its final stage after reaching Congress, sponsored by Congressmen and women from the state of Florida.
In 2009 King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía visited Pensacola and saw for themselves the importance attributed to General Gálvez, who has already been given several awards by the USA. Replicas of these were presented by the vice-consul to the Army Museum in Toledo last June.