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The frontman of rock group U2 asked for a “Europe-wide campaign” to help bring economic growth to Spain
14.03.14 - 12:45 -
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Bono urges Europe’s right to salvage Rajoy’s struggling Spain
Bono, watched by Angela Merkel, during his speech. :: AFP
With world leaders including Angela Merkel, Herman Van Rompuy and Mariano Rajoy in attendance, the European People’s Party congress was surprised by Bono’s speech that came to the defence of Spain.
“You have got Prime Minister Rajoy just this week urging the EU to make structural reforms that will create liquidity in the Spanish economy,” noted the singer. “Maybe you will,” he continued with a hint of sarcasm.
“Where is our Europe-wide campaign to spotlight Spain, to encourage others to take their holidays there, to buy Spanish goods, listen to Spanish music?” asked Bono. He highlighted how Europe is lacking a neighbourliness that could improve the economic situation of Europe.
It is not the first time Bono has met with right wing leaders. Many of his fans never forgave him after meeting President Bush during the invasion of Iraq.