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The police have detained the ex-partner of the 47-year-old victim, as the prime suspect in the murder
07.03.14 - 11:54 -
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Torremolinos teacher found dead at home with her throat cut
The body of the woman murdered in Torremolinos is removed from her home. :: CARLOS MORET
A woman was found dead on Wednesday evening at her home in Calle Decano Miguel Marengo in Torremolinos, by her parents. Her throat had been cut.
Shortly after the police had located the murder weapon, they detained the woman’s ex-partner. The suspect, who had recently separated from the 47-year-old teacher with whom he had had a seven-year relationship, was taken initially to the Clínico hospital after having apparently attempted to take his own life. In the hospital he confessed the crime to doctors. The couple had no previous history of violence.
The victim was an English teacher at the Mar Argentea school. The head of the school, Francisca Pechoromán, said that everyone was really shocked by the incident, adding that the murdered woman was “very happy, very kind; the children loved her very much. We won’t forget what has happened, she has left a big impression at our school”.
As a mark of respect for the latest victim of domestic violence in Andalucía, there was a two-minute silence held outside Torremolinos town hall which was attended by the mayor, Pedro Fernández Montes, and numerous residents.


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