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Junta stresses the great potential of Andalucía and predicts a 12 per cent increase in German visitors this year
07.03.14 - 12:27 -
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Costa del Sol gains ground as favourite among Germans
Susana Díaz with the supplement SUR distributed in Germany. :: S.S
ITB Berlin, the world’s largest tourism trade fair, began this week with good news for Andalucía and the Costa del Sol. Numerous professionals and delegates from Andalucía travelled to the event to promote the area and secure business deals with their German counterparts.
Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Borrego, expects there to be a 12 per cent increase in German tourists on the Costa del Sol this year. This is a figure that is only bettered by the Canary Islands, with an increase of 15 per cent, and Menorca with a 14 per cent rise.
Spain is the most popular destination for German tourists to visit outside their own country. The President of the Junta, Susana Díaz, noted how important the German market is for tourism in Andalucía. Last year the total number of overnight hotel stays by Germans in Andalucía amounted to 3.8 million.
For this year, the regional Tourism Department has formulated 42 promotion programmes directed at the German market. “The objective is to continue the increase and success that last year’s projects have had,” stated Díaz.
Prior to the arrival of Susana Díaz, a deal was signed with the tour operator Forsch Touristik GMBH (FTI), the fourth largest operator inGermany, that promises to bring 100,000 German tourists in 2015 - a figure that is twice as high as 2013.
The characteristics of the visitors also means that Germany is especially important. German tourists spend an of 66.36 euros per day, 7.3 euros higher other holidaymakers. Meanwhile their average stay is 12.9 days, 3.8 days more than others.


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