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Art theives get away with stealing part of a famous sculpture by Louise Bourgeois
27.02.14 - 13:32 -
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Art theives get away with stealing part of a famous sculpture by Louise Bourgeois
Part of an important work of art has been stolen from the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Malaga, (Malaga’s contemporary arts centre), better known as CAC.
The marble and wood sculpture, “Fear Four”, is a work created in 1984 by Louise Bourgeois who was one of the most important figures in the contemporary art scene. The abstract sculpture is part of a hundred piece collection of works that art lover Carmen Riera lent to the centre in 2009, under the title ‘Pasión 11’. The entire piece weighs 800 kilos and has a value of more than a million euros.
In response to criticism following the theft that the arts centre lacks enough security staff to guard its contents, Malaga city council has defended the situation. “The security measures in place are sufficient and the proof is that in ten years this has been the only act of vandalism,” said the head of culture, Damián Caneda.
While the restoration of the small part of the work that has been stolen is undertaken, at an estimated cost of 1,800 euros, the sculpture has been removed from CAC.


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