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Coín is undergoing a street refurbishment plan in order to renew its roads and pavements
21.02.14 - 14:28 -
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Town centre facelift expected to bring in jobs and tourists
Streets to get new cobbles. :: SUR
In what the town council describes as a “substantial change in image”, works to improve the look of some of Coín’s oldest streets have begun at a cost of 260,000 euros.
The six month programme to renew roads and pavements is being funded principally by the Diputación de Malaga (provincial government), with Coín town hall contributing the remainder.
The street refurbishment plan will include creating cobbled pavements, small gardens and planting areas and the erection of new street furniture, especially to improve the approach to some of the town’s monuments and historic buildings such as the 15th Century Iglesia de San Juan Bautista which was created from a mosque that originally formed part of an Arab castle in the centre of Coín and the 16th Century Iglesia y Convento de Santa María de la Encarnación which has been restored over recent years and is now used for art exhibitions, concerts and adult learning classes.
As well as improving the appearance of some of the town’s oldest and narrowest streets, the plan is to improve drainage in the town centre, separating rainwater drainage from waste water and laying new underground supplies for utilities. Coín’s mayor, Fernando Fernández said that the works would also tie in with other projects to improve the facades of many town centre buildings.
“These projects will allow us to create a historic town centre that is more attractive for visitors, more accessible and better for residents,” said the mayor, while the town’s councillor for Public Works said, “Our narrow streets will have whitewashed houses with balconies and traditional window bars - a much more uniform and renovated image.”


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