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Ana Díaz, who works in the ONCE kiosk outside the Clínico, sold 55 tickets worth 35,000 euros each
21.02.14 - 12:12 -
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Hospital kiosk sells winning tickets
Ana Díaz sells ONCE tickets to patients, visitors and staff at the Hospital Clínico. :: CARLOS MORET
An ONCE kiosk, located by the doors of Malaga’s Clínico hospital and run by Ana Díaz, has sold a series of winning lottery tickets, to the tune of almost two million euros.
Each of the 55 ticket holders whose number - 62458 - was drawn earlier this week, will get a 35,000-euro share of the jackpot. The 60-year-old vendor, who has worked in her kiosk for 16 years, says that most of the ticket holders are patients and workers at the public hospital. “I am very happy,” says Ana Díaz. Not only are some of the winners people in need but the ONCE vendor bought one of the lucky tickets herself. Now, she says, she will be able to go on holiday this year.


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