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Malaga is becoming increasingly international as students from around the world visit through exchange programme ERASMUS
21.02.14 - 16:46 -
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The city acts as a magnet for students from around the world
More than 150 students attended the ERAMUS welcome event. :: M.M.
Malaga has started to see a great rise in popularity as a student destination for both study and work experience under ERASMUS (European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students), which was set up to promote relations and cultural exchange between countries within the European Union.
This weekend the Picasso Bar in the famous Plaza de la Merced played host to a very Spanish welcome afternoon filled with paella, sangría and, of course, students.
The event was held by AEMIS (Association of Erasmus in Malaga and International Students) whose mission is to help foreign students integrate in the Spanish lifestyle and customs as smoothly as possible.
At the event there was information about housing, language exchanges and ways for students to enjoy themselves in the city. Students from all over Europe attended the welcome, most of whom are at the beginning of what will be a semester in Malaga. With participants hailing from England to Lithuania these events only add to Malaga’s growing worldwide profile.


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