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Every Sunday this month the Tourism Department is organising two walks through different country areas of Mijas
17.02.14 - 14:23 -
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The hidden nature of Mijas
The walks take place on Sundays and start at 9am. :: M. C. J.
Every Sunday this month the Tourism Department is organising two walks through different country areas of Mijas
Throughout the 147 square metres of the municipality of Mijas there are dozens of country areas which are lovely to explore. As this municipality nestles between the Mijas, Blanca and Bermeja mountain ranges, those who love hiking will find this the perfect place to enjoy a good walk.
For years now, Mijas council and those who know this area well have been promoting a love of nature tourism through different activities and excursions into the countryside.
Now, as part of its agenda of events in February, the Tourism Department is organising some interesting excursions not only to discover natural areas where native flora and fauna flourish, but also to see some historic and traditional curiosities which show a side of the municipality that, despite its urban development and tourism potential, has never been forgotten.
The next excursions to take place will be on Sunday 16th February, and they will cover two different routes. The first will take participants on a walk through the Sierra de Mijas, which is closest to Mijas Pueblo. This is the ‘Vivero de Jarapalos’ walk and it will start at 9am at the sports centre in Osunillas, which is just over one kilometre from the village. It will cover a distance of seven kilometres and will take approximately four hours.
As well as discovering the delights of the local vegetation and different species of the area around this internationally famous white village on the western Costa del Sol, the walk, which is led at all times by hiking specialists, includes complementary activities such as reforestation, which gives those taking part the opportunity to form part of the process of regenerating the mountain. This is very necessary due to the numbers of fires this area has suffered during the past decade.
The opportunities for natural leisure activities do not end there. The Tourism Department has also organised an alternative route on the same day, known as ‘Las Canteras de Mijas’, which is a walk past some of the main quarries where marble and agate used to be extracted. The stone was used in some important buildings, such as Malaga Cathedral. The time and the starting place are the same as above, 9 am at the sports centre in Osunillas, but in this case the walk covers nine and a half kilometres. It will visit the areas of Los Arenales and El Puerto quarries as well as the one beside El Barrio ravine. All of these have now been regenerated and are no longer active.
Forthcoming events
Later this month, lovers of mountains and natural history should make a note in their diaries of two other walks: on Sunday 23rd February the Tourism Department is organising an excursion along the route that General José María de Torrijos took through the countryside in the uprising of 1831. This will start at the sports centre in Osunillas at 9am.
The walk is eight and a half kilometres in length and takes about four hours; it will include some of the tracks that the troops who were led by this general from Madrid had to follow on their way from El Charcón beach in La Cala de Mijas to Alhaurín de la Torre.
Those who prefer the world of anthropology should opt for the route of ‘Las Caleras de Mijas’. This is a way of discovering more about the art of firing lime, which was a very traditional profession in this area because of the presence of so much limestone rock in the mountains and the fact that the village houses were whitewashed.
It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a day in the countryside because the kilns, where the raw material was prepared before the houses were painted, are spread around different areas near Mijas Pueblo.
This walk, which covers six and a half kilometres, will last about three and a half hours after setting off, and is also due to begin at 9am.
Participants must be adults or must be accompanied by an adult. The price, including refreshment, is three euros. People can either register in person, by phoning 952 589 034 or by emailing