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The 41-year-old victim, of Algerian origin, was shot in the neck twice by a man who had covered his face with a mask
14.02.14 - 10:18 -
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Man murdered in Marbella while he was taking his three children to school
Police investigators at the scene of the crime. :: Josele-Lanza
It was a crime planned in meticulous detail and carried out cleanly and in the coldest of blood. Marbella has once again become the scene for a settling of scores, this time with a dramatic twist - the victim was assassinated in front of his three young children, aged ten, nine and three.
The incident took place on one of the bridges that cross the Autopista del Mediterráneo beside the Las Lomas del Marbella Club residential zone, one of the most exclusive and peaceful parts of the Golden Mile.
The victim, a man with French nationality and Algerian origins, was driving in a southerly direction to take his children to school. The passenger seat was empty and his children were all in the back of the car. When he crossed the bridge in an area where the road narrows and a bend slows the traffic, a woman stepped out. She was apparently seeking help and the car stopped. Then a man who had covered his face with a mask appeared from behind a bush and shot the driver twice in the neck, with surgical precision.
The victim’s vehicle had tinted rear windows. After the shots had been carried out, the killer broke one of the side windows to see who was in the back of the car. Once he had asserted that it was three children the man and his accomplice swiftly fled the scene of the crime in a dark coloured car.
It was ten to nine in the morning and the murder had happened in a few seconds in a quiet residential zone with little traffic, a number of escape routes and with winding streets that are a maze for those who do not know them.
The police were called a few minutes after the incident by another driver who saw the car abandoned on the bridge with the dead man at the wheel and his children still inside the vehicle.
Police operation
A police patrol was immediately dispatched to try and track down the killers but, although several vehicles were stopped and searched in the area, they were not found. The area was cordoned off and the children, in a terrible state, were dealt with by a police psychologist as was their mother who arrived on the scene.
The car and the area were combed by the police who recovered shards of broken glass. The victim’s body was taken away at about one in the afternoon. At the scene nothing remains but two barely discernible blood stains on the tarmac.
The victim had two identities, one linked to drug trafficking
One victim with two names. The man murdered in broad daylight in Marbella was carrying false documents in order to conceal the truth: that he was connected to serious crimes, including drug trafficking.
The police are trying to identify the victim correctly on discovering, during the forensic examination of his body, that the documents he had on him when he was shot are fake.
The French authorities, who have apparently wanted the victim for at least six years, have shed light on the past that the man was hiding. This was very different to how he presented himself in Spain.
Everything points towards the man, once he knew he was being sought, fleeing to the Costa del Sol with his wife and - at that time - two children. Then came a third child, now aged three.
Police investigators, working on a motive of revenge killing, are now searching for enemies of the victim.
What is clear is that the murder was the work of professionals and was both planned and carried out with precision and in cold blood.


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