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Antonio Jurado had only the last two payments to make on the loan he took out to build his dream home, but it was on non-urbanised land
14.02.14 - 10:46 -
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Illegal home of couple with 16 month old baby is demolished
Antonio Jurado and his wife in the ruins of their home. :: s. s.
Antonio Jurado had only the last two payments to make on the loan he took out to build his dream home, but it was on non-urbanised land
Leaning against the cordon erected by the police around his property and with his head hung, Antonio Jurado gazed at what had become of his dreams. His house, which he had always wanted for his family, no longer exists. Situated in the outlying district of Campanillas, he had built it with his own hands.
Now all that remains is a pile of rubble after it was demolished by a judicial order from Malaga city council. It was classed as an illegal property, built on land not designated for building in 2007. Now Antonio has no roof over his head, nor does his wife and his 16-month-old baby.
Antonio was woken on Wednesday morning by the ringing of his doorbell. He was at home alone with his baby daughter because his wife, 33, had already left for work. It was eight o’clock and there were twenty police officers at the entrance to his house.
Antonio, 37 years old and with a disability, was not surprised. Although he was hopeful until the last minute, he knew why they were there. “They told me I had to leave and they wouldn’t even let me get my daughter who was in her cot. They told me that social services would take care of her.”
Outside the house was Antonio’s brother Francisco who had seen the police on his way to work and stopped to help. He added that the house was completely empty because the family had been waiting for the demolition to happen.
“My house is full of their things and I have no space, we don’t know where they are going to end up,” said Francisco.
A hundred neighbours had also arrived to offer their support. In the same area there are 300 families living under the same threat, although they are fighting to make the status of their properties legal.
Antonio had tried to do that also but with no success. “What they have done to my house is my ruin and that of my family forever.”


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