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Emergency healthcare to be improved throughout Andalucia
12.02.14 - 10:31 -
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Junta to build five heliports to improve healthcare
he new helipad project was announced on 6th February. :: SUR
The Junta de Andalucía has announced that it is to create five new heliports to improve emergency healthcare in the province of Malaga. The new facilities will be located in Alozaina, Campillos, Coín, Nerja and Vélez-Málaga and are designed to improve the evacuation of patients in emergency cases.
The service will mainly affect residents in the Axarquía, Guadalteba and Guadalhorce valley areas.
“In Malaga we continue to work to improve the public health services, not only with treatments and research but also with improved infrastructure,” said José Luis Ruiz Espejo, the regional government representative in Malaga.
The heliports will be on the outskirts of the towns and will be given suitable road access to enable ambulances to drive onto the helipads themselves.


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