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Malaga soup kitchen ‘Los Ángeles de la Noche’ is raising funds for a proper home
07.02.14 - 14:55 -
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The charitable organisation feeds thousands of hungry and homeless people in Malaga city
An immense queue was forming on the square at the back of the Santo Domingo church in central Malaga.
It was the last night of January and on this night, as on the last night of every month, ‘Los Ángeles Malagueños de la Noche’ (the Malaga angels of the night) soup kitchen was handing out food to an enormous number of hungry people.
The president of the organisation, Antonio Meléndez, said that some of those in the line had been waiting since six in the morning for something to eat.
Lentils, chickpeas, macaroni or milk. ‘Los Ángeles Malagueños de la Noche’ handed out a total of 5,000 kilos of nutritious foodstuffs on the day. “What we always give are basic products that provide sustenance”, stresses Meléndez.
The people who come to be fed have no particular profile. They are all different ages and different nationalities. What they do have in common is that they are in a desperate situation and need the help given by the organisation.
The event was the first such occasion held by the soup kitchen since Christmas, when it shared out 50,000 kilos of food to over 3,000 people.
Meléndez points out that there was a “very special sandwich” on the menu, made of ‘jamón serrano’ and cheese. “This happens just once a year”, thanks to donations by individuals. The same goes for the 2,000 pizzas on offer which were sent by a friend of the president.
‘Operación Ladrillo’
What Meléndez really wants is a proper dining room, rather than the open air of the square and portakabin kitchen that his organisation currently operates out of.
For this reason he has launched ‘Operación Ladrillo’, (operation brick) which has raised 50,000 euros so far. “We need much more to reach the 350,000 euros that we require”, claims Meléndez.
For him, having a proper place to cook and serve food is a question of human dignity. “It is not right to let a family, already suffering greatly, eat in the street”.
In spite of this need ‘Los Angeles de la N
oche’ has never received any help or support from the authorities. Nevertheless the organisation is adamant that it will continue to hand out food to those without.
Meléndez says that he is very satisfied with the results of last year’s campaign by ‘Los Ángeles Malagueños de la Noche’. The soup kitchen distributed 25,000 kilos of cured pork and cheese products, 56,000 litres of milk, 300,000 loaves of bread and 5,000 portions of roast chicken, among other foodstuffs.
The president reiterates that this essential charitable work goes on only thanks to the donations and support given by individuals.


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