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The mayor of Benaoján, Francisco Gómez, made the headlines this week after a video showed him smoking in the Town Hall
07.02.14 - 14:16 -
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Smoking mayor disciplines himself
Gómez, on Monday, about to light up. :: V. Melgar
Francisco Gómez, mayor of the Ronda village of Benaoján, described himself as an incorrigible smoker after a video was filmed by a socialist party councillor of him smoking inside the Town Hall. The local socialist party also stated that when the councillor, Soraya García, threatened to report him, he replied by barking like a dog.
Since then Gómez, of the independent party APB (Agrupación Progresista de Benaoján) has announced that he has opened disciplinary proceedings against himself for failing to comply with no-smoking regulations.
Gómez explained on Wednesday that the Local Police had handed him a report after learning of the alleged violation of the regulations.
“I acted as any mayor should and ordered disciplinary proceedings to be initiated against Francisco Gómez,” he said.
“As mayor I do not allow smoking and as a citizen I have committed a possible offence,” he added.
The report has now been passed onto the Department of Health at the Junta de Andalucía, which had already opened its own enquiry after the video was made public.
Meanwhile, however, the mayor of this village with no more than 1,500 inhabitants has accused the socialist party of a campaign to “rid the area of independent mayors”.
“When the council meeting was over, I picked up my cigarette packet and took out a cigarette. I wasn’t smoking when they filmed me, but I was so cross that I lit up in the council chamber doorway, barely a metre from the main door,” explained the mayor when consulted about the video.


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