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A resident in Olías is stuck without the internet option
07.02.14 - 10:53 -
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“It is not the same: British TV is British TV”
Annie Houlbrooke. L.P.
Annie Houlbrooke doesn’t have the option of using a VPN, and says the alternative of paying 250 euros for a box and 135 euros a month is not an option for her either. When she moved into her house in Olías ten years ago, she tells us, she was promised a telephone line, but once she was there the company claimed that all the lines in the village had been allocated and the best they could manage was a radio telephone.
“I have a dongle for my laptop but it is very slow and I can’t get broadband” she says, adding that her only hope now lies in what seems like the never-ending battle with the phone company. “My neighbours have a line, the people across the road have a line, but I think Telefónica just doesn’t want to put more posts in to reach my house, even though I’ve said I’ll pay for them”.
Her family in the UK have offered to record programmes and send them to her, and she knows she can watch films in English on Spanish TV, but as she says: “It is not the same. British TV is British TV”.


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