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The King’s daughter could exercise her right not to reply to some of the questions asked in the Palma court
07.02.14 - 13:31 -
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Cristina to be interrogated in fraud investigation
The Infanta Cristina will be interrogated tomorrow. :: SUR
The King’s younger daughter,Cristina de Borbón, prepares to be quizzed by the investigating judge in the Nóos fraud and embezzlement case in a Palma de Mallorca court.
The Infanta is under suspicion of committing fraud and money laundering in connection with the firm Aizoón she co-owns with her husband Iñaki Urdangarin. It is thought that Urdangarin used the supposed real estate company to channel public funds into private hands.
On Thursday Cristina’s defence team was considering that the Infanta could exercise her right not to respond to the questions put to her by certain lawyers.
It was established earlier this week that Cristina would be driven into the courthouse and would not have to walk past the large numbers of reporters expected to gather outside the building.


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