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The plant, to be built on the outskirts of Pizarra, will serve three towns with no current water treatment facilities
03.02.14 - 14:29 -
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Construction of sewage treatment plant gets under way
Councillors at a spot where raw sewage flows into a stream. :: SUR
The plant, to be built on the outskirts of Pizarra, will serve three towns with no current water treatment facilities
Plans to build a sewage treatment plant to serve the towns of Coín, Álora and Pizarra are due to move forwards this year as the Junta de Andalucía begins the construction of a water treatment plant for the three municipalities on land near the River Guadalhorce on the outskirts of Pizarra.
As part of the preparations for connecting the waste water from the three towns to the new sewage works, each of the towns is being inspected by technical officers from the regional government, which has a duty under European law to ensure that all towns are connected to a treatment plant by 2015 . Currently none of the three towns have any kind of treatment facility and waste water from all three is pumped directly into local streams and rivers without any treatment.
The existing main drainage system in Coín will need to be connected to the new five million euro facility at Pizarra via a 15 kilometre drainage pipe, for which the town hall has asked for financial assistance from the Junta de Andalucía. Currently the town of Coín receives an annual ‘fine’ of almost 40,000 euros because untreated water from the town empties directly into a local river, a financial burden which the council says it can ill afford. “Coín has been waiting for the Junta to provide the treatment works for over ten years and yet it is the town council, not the Junta, that has to pay the fine each year,” said Coín town hall.
In preparation for the construction of the new drainage system to connect Coín to the site of the new treatment works, the town council has begun repairs to the town’s existing drains where they have been broken and leaked into local rivers. Council workers have already cleared vegetation to what will be the town’s connection with the new 15 kilometre drain at ‘Arroyo Mortaja’, north of the town.


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