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This is the time of year to get out into the mountains to see the almond blossom
31.01.14 - 15:05 -
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Pink-petalled mountains of Malaga
In the Parque Natural de los Montes de Málaga the first days of almond blossom are a spectacular sight. :: sur
Almond blossom takes centre stage in the Montes de Málaga, the Guadalhorce valley and the Axarquía
The almond trees have stolen the limelight of the inland scenery of Malaga. Throughout the province from the Axarquía to the Serranía de Ronda the mountains are bursting with hues of pink and white giving the south a uniquely colourful winter.
Last Sunday, in Guaro in the Sierra de las Nieves, the ‘Day of the Almond’ was held and guided tours through the countryside began. The Guaro town council is even organising photography competitions to capture the blossom that surrounds the town.
Pink and white
These picture book winter scenes can also be seen in Casabermeja and its mountainous landscape. From the Las Pedrizas road you can look over at the Montes de Málaga and admire the tranquil surroundings of pictureseque pinks and whites.
Alternatively the road that climbs up to the chapel of Nuestra Señora del Secorro, a few metres from Casabermeja, is a fantastic option.
From this zone you can view a compelling panorama of almond trees and the town, with its bell tower that was recently declared as a Site of Cultural Interest.
From Casabermeja you can take the road that leads to Arroyo Coche and enters in to the municipality of Almogía.
Almond route
This area forms a part of the itinerary named the ‘Ruta de los Almendros’ (route of almond trees), that also departs from Malaga and traverses some of the most intriguing communities in the Valle de Guadalhorce region.
Either by foot, bicycle or by car this tour introduces the visitor not only to the picture perfect almond trees but also to the culture and history of towns such as Almogía, where you can visit the famous Torre de la Vela or the parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción.
Alongside the views of blossom, this route also takes you to some of the highest settlements in the area. This is the case with the beautiful mountain of Santi Perri, which stands 800 metres above sea level.
‘La Ruta de los Almendros’ includes the very characteristic places in the area like the shrine of the ‘Tres Cruces’ at the point where the municipalities of Almogía, Álora and Cártama meet.
In Cártama, not only are there more almond trees but also high quality almonds which you can try at any time of year in traditional dishes and artisan cakes, for example the ‘torta cartameña’.
Almond trees in bloom can also be found in Carratraca and Ardales, in the northern zone of Guadalteba. You can take a similar tour as part of an excursion organised inthe Sierra de las Nieves taking in Tolox and Guaro, where the almond blossom competes with the olive groves that produce the famous manzanilla aloreña variety of olive.
The Axarquía offers similar scenes of almond blossom and it is definitely worth visiting the village of Arenas to walk through one of the most spectacular areas of almond blossom in the province of Malaga. This road continues to the town of Daimalos, known for its conserved Moorish minaret from the 13th century which now doubles as the bell tower for the church of Cristo de la Salud.