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An interesting view in to the post war world of film and fame under Franco
31.01.14 - 13:59 -
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Post-war nostalgia in Benalmádena
An exhibition of post-war photographs and documents that record an interesting and controversial time in the history of Spain (1946-1962) has opened in Benalmádena’s exhibition centre. It is a part of the ‘La Térmica’ Malaga exhibition.
The material concentrates on showing the importance of post war cinema in Spain during a time of intense censorship under the title ‘a space of light in a time of shadow’. With around 200 pieces including photographs of stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner this exhibit is a sentimental reminder of a difficult time. The director of the project, Ana Cabello describes the exhibition as a collection of highly ‘informative, historical, cultural and sentimental value’. This is a unique look at a contentious era.