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Europe's largest Rock n Roll Festival comes to Torremolinos this February
31.01.14 - 13:46 -
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Rockin' Race Jamboree
Los Mambo Jambo will be performing live. :: SUR
Europe's largest Rock n Roll Festival comes to Torremolinos this February
The celebrated Rockin’ Race Jamboree has come around for its 20th Anniversary this February in Torremolinos. As usual you can expect to see some of the best names in Rock ‘n’ Roll hailing from the USA, the UK and from all over the world.
Expect to see names such as Barrence Whitfield, Young Jessie (featuring Mike Sanchez and his band), Sleepy la Beef, Los Mambo Jambo and many many more. Being the biggest Rock ‘n’ Roll festival in Europe this is sure to be an event to remember. The festival spans four days from 13th February - 16th February with music lasting in to the early hours of the morning.
To add to this star studded weekend the festival is accompanied by one of the largest markets of vintage clothes, records and accesories, all you need to really get that retro feel!
If you want to be a part of one of the greatest celebrations of rockabilly, soul, swing and rock n roll, this is definitely the event to attend!