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Malaga born graffiti artist D.Darko presents his cutting edge exhibition- Vandal Poetry
31.01.14 - 14:30 -
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An exhibition of poetic vandalism
D. Darko and his exhibition, ‘Vandal Poetry’
Young innovative artist D. Darko is presenting his controversial exhibition ‘Vandal Poetry’ in the Centro Unicaja de Cultura’ in Antequera. This exhibition expresses the cohesion and contrast of the seemingly ugly with the beautiful. D. Darko, with the help of fellow artist and manager of the Centro Unicaja de Cultura, José Medina Galeote, presents ‘Vandal Poetry’ , described as ‘intense’ and ‘violent’ by D. Darko himself, it also shows his ‘ability to find beauty in that which doesn’t seem beautiful’.
The project takes up the length of two rooms and is a single installation. The aim of the artists is to bring the road into the room. Darko’s taste for contrast and unlikely cohesion is what turns this graffiti into art.