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Malaga has been announced as one of the six finalists shortlisted to become the first ever European Capital of Innovation with the chance to win €500,000
31.01.14 - 12:38 -
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Malaga shortlisted for European Capital of Innovation award
The Zem2All project promotes the use of electric vehicles. :: SUR
Malaga has been announced as one of the six finalists shortlisted to become the first ever European Capital of Innovation with the chance to win €500,000
An independent panel of experts has agreed upon the six cities that will compete to become the European Capital of Innovation. The European Commission has recognised Malaga’s progress made within the fields of urban regeneration, sustainable mobility and the promotion of entrepreneurial spirit.
Malaga City Council has based its application on three main platforms: the Soho arts area of the city, the Zem2All electronic car scheme and the technological hub known as Malaga Valley.
Some 58 cities initially applied and now five remain to compete with Malaga: Paris, Barcelona, Espoo (Finland), Grenoble (France) and Groningen (Netherlands).
The winner will be announced at the Innovation Convention 2014 that is set to take place in Brussels in March. The prize includes €500,000 that is to be used for innovation initiatives in the winning city.
The European Union has created the award to compensate the city that is creating the best innovation ecosystem in which citizens, public organisations, educational institutions and companies are all involved.
Malaga’s candidacy was spearheaded by Mayor Francisco de la Torre in Brussels in front of a panel of experts. It highlighted the progress that has been made in the past ten years in order to “increase innovation planning and regeneration which has improved public services and the quality of life of the city’s citizens”.
Triple platform candidacy
Malaga’s application was based on three innovative projects that are being carried out in the city.
The first is known as Soho Malaga and is a “new urban revitalisation model in which people, creativity, art, culture and entrepreneurial spirit form the strategic pillars of the regeneration of the neighborhood”. The area is located south of the Alameda Principal in central Malaga.
The second project focuses on sustainable mobility through giving citizens the opportunity to travel in an environmentally friendly way. The main programme is known as Zem2All and promotes the use of electric vehicles.
Finally Malaga Valley is a technological hub which has become a centre of ideas and innovation generation that has the objective of attracting technological talent to the city.


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