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Malaga province had 16,000 unemployed added to figures in 2013 and now has 291,000 people out of work, 36 per cent of its active population
24.01.14 - 15:33 -
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Unemployment figures in Malaga province hit historic highs
Unemployment was still increasing in the last quarter of 2013. SUR
The signs of recovery in the Spanish economy that president Mariano Rajoy referred to have not yet arrived in Malaga.
At least this is according to the devastating facts from the latest ‘Encuesta de Población Activa’ or EPA (survey of the active or working population) which is carried out by the National Office of Statistics four times a year.
In the last three months of 2013 the province reached historically high levels of unemployment. The figure is now 291,000 which is 19,500 more than in the previous three month period and 16,000 more in comparison to the same period in 2012.
This means that the level of unemployment in Malaga is now at 36.2 per cent of the working population, a rise from the percentage figure of the previous three month period which was 34.8 per cent. This is the fifth highest such percentage in the whole of Spain and the third in Andalucía.
Malaga is the Andalusian province with the highest rise in unemployment at the close of last year, reached by the addition of 19,000 newly unemployed workers in the last three months.
Five provinces in Andalucía have escaped this rise - Almeria, Granada, Huelva and Jaén where unemployment has fallen and Cordoba where it remains at the same level.
Unemployment figures have also risen in Seville by 10,900 and in Cadiz by 10,500.
The most significant factor in the rise in unemployment in Malaga is the big growth in the active or working population to a historic high of 804,900 people. This is 13,800 more than in the previous three month period of 2013 and 24,600 more than a year ago.
Meanwhile employment fell in the last three months of 2013 with 5,600 work posts lost.
The one positive piece of news from the survey is that between the end of 2012 and 2013 8,600 job positions were created.


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