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The Carlos Álvarez and friends concert saw the well-known opera singer performing unlikely duets with local stars of pop, rock, copla and soul
17.01.14 - 10:07 -
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Voices raised for Cudeca
Carlos Álvarez (left) and the singers who joined him for the Cudeca concert. ÁLAVARO CABRERA
Around 3,000 people witnessed a unique musical event in Malaga’s Martín Carpena sport pavilion on Tuesday - and all in aid of Cudeca.
International opera singer, Malaga-born Carlos Álvarez, was the “host” of the evening, linking local singers of a wide range of genres with his own famous baritone voice.
Álvarez sang solo and in duet with all his guests, who ranged from fellow opera singers, the soprano Berna Perles and baritone Antonio Torres, to the ever energetic Javier Ojeda, the vocalist of pop group Danza Invisible.
A very pregnant Pasión Vega brought serenity to the evening while Jorge López of the band Diez Negritos, and Susana Alva of Efecto Mariposa contributed the vitality and Irene Lombard the soul.
The latter’s duet - “When I fall in Love” with Carlos Álvarez, showed to what extent two such different voices can blend together to perfection.
The traditional Spanish song was provided by ‘copla’ singer Antonio Cortés in an event presented on stage by Isabel Ladrón de Guevara and Domi del Postigo.
The stage full of sunflowers - the symbol of Cudeca and palliative care - was the permanent reminder of what this event was all about, raising funds for the cancer care foundation.
The evening came to an end with all the artists together on stage to sing “Entre Mis Recuerdos”.


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