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The exhibition KM0 focuses on local artists
03.01.14 - 13:53 -
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The Yusto / Giner stays at home
Work by Javier Calleja forms part of the exhibition. J-L
Previous exhibitions at the Yusto/Giner gallery in Marbella have looked further afield: to Japan, USA and China. The most recent show, however, has involved no travelling.
‘KM 0’, inaugurated in December, includes work by Javier Calleja, Paula Vincenti, Emmanuel Lafont, José Luis Puche, María Dávila and Mari García, all of whom were either born or have settled in the Malaga area.
As well as location, Juan Pablo Yusto, one half of the partnership behind thegallery, said that the other common thread that links the artists to one another is “the emotion of the drawings”.
Stories are told in the pieces, each giving a small and intimate insight into its creator’s mind. The autobiographical works often borrow from surreal fantasy worlds conjured up by the imagination where rationality and subconscience collide.
Calleja’s contribution to the collaborative exhibition is two medium format pieces, one of which depicts Gulliver. “I include elements such as clouds and rocks that become meteorites,” said Calleja who has warped the traditional image of Guillver into his “surrealist-pop” style.