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Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar will be paying children a visit on Sunday night
03.01.14 - 13:05 -
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The Kings are coming!
One of the safer floats ready for Sunday's parade in Malaga. F. GONZÁLEZ
Families will be lining the streets in cities, towns and villages to catch a glimpse of the gift-bearing Magi, ‘Reyes Magos’, as they pass through.
Health and safety measures have been revised in Malaga following the tragic accident last year in which a six-year-old boy lost his life.
The floats have been fitted with a curved skirt frame to prevent sweets from falling under the wheels and qualified drivers and security workers have been taken on to ensure safety.
The intinerary around the city has also been modified to avoid the narrower streets.
Three Kings parades
The Three Kings and their friends will be parading through cities, towns and villages across the region on Sunday evening. Times and routes may vary.
Malaga. 5th January starting from Malaga City Hall at 5 pm. For itinerary visit
Marbella. 5th January starting from Avda. Severo Ochoa (La Zambomba) from 6pm. The kings arrive at the port by catamaran at midday and visit the Hospital Costa del Sol at 5pm. The main procession through the streets of Marbella starts at 6pm..
San Pedro. 5th January Feria ground 5.30pm. The kings arrive by helicopter at the feria ground before starting the procession at 6pm.
Nueva Andalucía. 5th January, 3.30pm. From the Virgen Madre parish church, Avda. Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer.
Fuengirola. 5th January starting at 5pm from the Tenencia de Alcaldía Los Boliches. The kings arrive by helicopter at the Complejo Social y Deportivo “Elola” at 4pm and are taken by bus to Los Boliches where the parade begins.
Benalmádena. 5th January 4.30pm. The kings arrive at the marina at midday. After Benalmádena Pueblo they visit Arroyo de la Miel at 6.30pm.
Nerja. 5th January starting at 5pm. The parade sets off from Parque Verano Azul.
Almuñécar. 5th January 5.30pm. Their Majesties set off from La Herradura castle.
Salobreña. Recinto Ferial. 5th January 7pm. The Three Wise men will be setting off from the Feria ground accompanied by the Municipal Band. At the Plaza Juan Carlos I children will be able to greet the kings, hand over their letters and have their photo taken.
Álora. 5th January. 4.30pm from Polígono La Molina and 6.30pm from Glorieta Manuel Alcántara.
Antequera. 5th January, 6pm. The parade, in which participants distribute ‘molletes’ sets off from the Crta. de Sevilla before touring the town.


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