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'Your newspaper in southern Spain' takes a look at some of the highs and lows of 2013
31.12.13 - 10:39 -
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2013: A year in review
Gib border queues: one of the images of 2013. SUR
It’s nearly that time of year again when we try and coordinate grape eating with chiming clocks and make promises to get fit, get a promotion, pay off debts, give up smoking…. Which means that it’s time for SUR in English’s annual review of some of the stories that hit our front page over the past 12 months.
There were some depressing statistics in the first month of 2013 as it was revealed that the jobless level in Malaga province had risen to 35 per cent. Specifically, there was a quarter-on-quarter rise of 12,500 unemployed people in Malaga, and Andalucía was confirmed as the Spanish region with the highest unemployment rate.
Crisis-stricken families facing eviction from their homes joined forces and became ‘organised squatters’ as they moved into new blocks of empty flats across the province that had been repossessed by banks.
Malaga CF secured a well-deserved triumph over Porto (2-0) at La Rosaleda stadium, which put the Blue and Whites through to the Champions League quarterfinals. It was hailed as “The greatest day ever” by this newspaper’s Malaga CF columnist.
The King’s youngest daughter, the Infanta Cristina, was officially named as a suspect in the allegedly fraudulent business activities of her husband, Iñaki Urdangarín. She was summonsed to appear in court on 27th April.
The annual ‘Marbella Luxury Weekend’, which was inaugurated in Puerto Banús, showcased the products and services available in the municipality from businesses orientated towards the lucrative high-net-worth market.
German-born Bernd Schuster penned a five-year deal to replace Manuel Pellegrini - who had left for Manchester City - as manager of Malaga CF. At a press conference, the 53-year-old said: “We will play to win, home or away. My philosophy isn’t too far away from Pellegrini’s.”
Days after Claudia Schiffer was seen holidaying in Marbella, another supermodel, Naomi Campbell, was spotted shopping and dining in Puerto Banús. She was staying with a wealthy Saudi family who own a property in the town, following her break-up from Russian billionaire, Vladislav Doronin.
During a time of heightened diplomatic tensions, the outspoken Mayor of Callosa de Segura sparked international controversy when he posted a spoof image of the Spanish armed forces invading Gibraltar on social networking sites.
Representatives from key sectors of the local industry, such as tourism and construction, said that the end of the economic crisis was in sight at a forum organised by SUR. However, they also remained cautious and warned of an ongoing lack of consumer spending.
The ‘Malaya’ trial, Spain’s biggest ever municipal corruption case, closed with sentences more lenient than expected. Juan Antonio Roca, Marbella’s former town planning consultant who was the suspected ringleader, was handed an 11-year sentence and a 240 million euro fine.
SUR in English officially kicked-off its 30th anniversary celebrations with the presentation of its new logo. At the ceremony, addressing the dignitaries and guests in Spanish and English, long-serving editor, Liz Parry, said: “This is the first act of many we have planned to celebrate…There will be lots of opportunities to get closer to our readers and the international community.”
Earlier this month, we splashed a photo on the front page capturing the impressive Christmas lights that adorn Malaga’s Calle Larios and the many thousands of people who attended this year’s Big Switch On.
Happy New Year!
SUR in English wishes you a very happy and prosperous 2014!


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