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The new information centre is located in the municipal tourist office and will give advice in four languages
20.12.13 - 10:51 -
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Rincón opens new information centre to give advice to foreign residents
The town council in the coastal resort of Rincón de la Victoria has opened an ‘Oficina Municipal de Atención al Residente Extranjero’ (information centre for foreign residents). The centre will offer advice in four languages - Spanish, English, French and Italian - according to the town’s mayor, Francisco Salado.
This new service will be located in the town’s municipal tourist office and will help to sort out various bits of red tape and bureaucracy in order to make the lives of Rincón’s foreign residents easier.
“We have a total of 81 nationalities residing in and around our town. For this reason we thought it essential to offer a service which will communicate the business of the council to our foreign residents,” the mayor says.
The most numerous foreign community resident in Rincón de la Victoria is Italian, with 322 registered citizens, followed by Argentinian with 224, Romanian with 208 and German with 200 locals.
The rest of the nationalities include French with 198 people on the electoral role, Moroccan with 197 and British with 92 residents.
The mayor explains that the new information centre is a service that gives details on registering officially as a resident, general and local taxes and other relevant council business.
The initiative counts with the collaboration of AMREM (‘la asociación de nuevos residentes y extranjeros de Málaga’ or Malaga’s new and foreign residents association).
The office’s opening hours are 9am to 2pm every week day.


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