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A suspect was arrested on Friday morning in connection with the stabbing of a 70-year-old woman in La Cala del Moral on Wednesday
20.12.13 - 10:26 -
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Murdered in broad daylight
Police specialists take fingerprints from the steps where the incident took place. SUR
On Friday morning Guardia Civil officers arrested a female suspect in connection with the fatal stabbing of Dolores Ruiz, 70, in La Cala del Moral on Wednesday.
Since the attack, on the steps of a chiringuito in La Cala de Moral, Rincón de la Victoria, officers had been searching for a blonde woman with medium length hair, who, according to witnesses, had been wearing a green jacket and a scarf.
A woman of this description was seen leaving the scene on Wednesday after stabbing the victim several times in the chest and neck.
The incident took place at 12.43 in the afternoon, according to one of three key witnesses, Raúl Ramírez. He was sitting on a bench in front of La Posta del Ángel restaurant with the old man he looks after, when they heard someone screaming “Help! Call the police! They’ve killed a woman. She is bleeding to death.”
The voice they heard belonged to a young woman who was jogging on the beach and witnessed much of what took place.
Key witness statement
According to the statement the girl gave to the police, as she started down the sand she saw both women - victim and attacker - on the promenade talking in a relaxed fashion that suggested they were friends. On her way back she saw the pair again, this time sitting on the steps at the back of La Posta del Ángel ‘chiringuito’.
As she was running she saw one of the women pass a hand over the shoulder of the other although she did not actually see the stabbing itself. As she drew closer one of the two collapsed. To begin with she thought the woman had just fainted. Then she saw the blood and began to scream for help.
Apparently the attacker did not turn a hair. According to witnesses she calmly got up, covering her face with her hand and began to walk away. The indifference she showed in leaving the crime scene, with a bag in her hand, in the direction of Avenida de Las Palmeras, surprised those who saw it.
“The girl was shaking so much that she could hardly speak but she pointed to the attacker,” stated Raúl who glimpsed the assailant just before she turned a corner and disappeared. “She was younger than the other woman, about 40 years and plump”.
The police arrived swiftly after the incident but by then the victim was dead
The ‘chiringuito’ at the heart of the incident and the whole surrounding area was cordoned off with police tape in an attempt to preserve any evidence. The specialist officers who arrived on the scene checked every part of the area minutely, inspecting rubbish bins, drainage covers, gardens. However they could not find the slightest trace of a murder weapon.
What they did come across was the bag that, presumably, the attacker snatched from her victim. Some of the police officers who joined in the search found it in a bin a few metres away from the scene of the murder, on the path taken by the attacker when she left. It was covered in blood stains and contained a pensioner’s travel card which was used to identify the victim.
Collecting fingerprints
The investigating police endeavoured to collect any incriminating fingerprints from the rubbish bin where the abandoned bag was dumped as well as the handrail of the staircase on which the two women were sitting when the incident occurred.
They knocked on every door in the neighbourhood in search of witnesses.
A local hotel owner said “they showed a photograph of the victim to my son but he didn’t recognise her. She was not from here”. In fact Dolores Ruiz , known as 'Loli', lived in Malaga city, although the family had a holiday home in Rincón. Her daughter, one of two children, lives in La Cala.
During their investigation the police came across a second area to search, the Lavana cafe situated on the Avenida del Mediterráneo. According to some witnesses, the women had had breakfast there earlier that day.
Officers have examined the table they may have sat at and the cafe’s owner has been requested to hand over security camera footage in a further attempt to put a face to the murderer.
The motives for the violent crime are not yet known
The motive for the murder in La Cala del Moral is as yet unknown. According to sources, the first indications point to theft. Those who new Loli said that she always wore several bracelets, but when her body was found she was wearing no jewellery.
However others have suggested the possibility of a more personal background history to the event, given that the two women appeared to know each other and also because of the violent nature of the crime.


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