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Malaga-born José Jurado, known as 'El Titi', was sentenced to 123 years for killing four people, two of them foreign tourists
20.12.13 - 10:30 -
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Man convicted of four murders released due to 'Parot' ruling
The former inmate, in Malaga, after his release.
A Malaga man, sentenced to 123 years for four murders in the eighties, has been released from Zaragoza prison following the demise of the ‘Parot doctrine’.
After the EuropeanCourt of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg ruled that the Spanish system (remission years were subtracted from the total sentence rather than the maximum of 30 years) was illegal, a number of Basque terrorists, rapists and murderers have left their prison cells.
José Jurado Montilla, 52, known as “El Titi” or “Dinamita Montilla”, would have been due for release, thanks to remission, in April 2008. However the application of the Parot doctrine extended his time behind bars to 2016.
Born in Campanillas in 1961, “El Titi” admits that he committed his first offence when he was 18. He spent eight months in prison for stealing from a fairground worker. From then on he was in and out of jail until in 1987 he was arrested for murder; at the time he was on the run from a jail in Cáceres. He was 25.
The arrest took place at Las Mellizas station in Álora. He was accused and found guilty of the murders of two tourists, a 22-year-old German and a 30-year-old Englishman. The two men’s bodies, with gunshot wounds, had appeared a week previously near El Chorro where they had been camping.
“El Titi” was then accused of two more murders. The body of Antonio Paniagua Alcaide, 46, who was the chauffeur of flamenco singer Juanito Valderrama, was found in 1987 inCampanillas. The fourth victim was Francisco González Rico of Puerto de la Torre. This is the only killing that “El Titi” has confessed to.
José Jurado Montilla left Zuera jail lastFriday, with 16 euros for a taxi to Zaragoza, 18 euros for lunch and train tickets to Madrid and Malaga. He lost contact with his family after the death of his parents and spent his first night in Malaga sleeping under a bridge.


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