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SUR in English readers could help solve questions surrounding the painting of Christ
16.12.13 - 13:43 -
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Mystery on show at mince pie event
Christ in Alhaurín el Grande, for sale.
Volunteers at the Cudeca cancer charity shop in Alhaurín el Grande are used to receiving unusual donations but a large framed painting that was recently brought to the shop has turned out to be a bigger donation than was originally thought.
“A Spanish lady brought the picture of Jesus on the cross into the shop one day for us to sell as part of our normal fundraising. We have had all kind of things donated, even including mink coats but we soon realised that we had been given something a little unusual with this picture,” said shop manager Pat Collins. “One of the volunteers commented that the gold leaf frame would have cost around 600 euros alone and the image itself caught our attention because the buildings in the background appear to be of a street in Alhaurín. The picture has been drawn in chalk but we have no idea who the artist is or where the picture was before it was given to Cudeca,” said Pat.
The team at Cudeca in Alhaurín el Grande want to make the most of the donation and are looking at ways to sell the painting to realise as much of its true value as possible. “It is in a really big frame, probably four feet by three feet and it would dominate a room. It is a fascinating piece, we don’t know how old it is and so we would love to hear from any SUR in English readers who know anything of its history or where it came from,” explained Pat.
On show
The picture will be on display at the Cudeca shop in Carretera de Cártama (near Mercadona) on Thursday 19th December when the volunteers will be offering mulled wine and mince pies to all customers. Pat told SUR in English “We don’t have enough space in the shop for a Christmas Fair but we are inviting people to come along and enjoy a little bit of Christmas cheer with us and if anyone knows anything about the picture, please let us know!”


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