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Joan Davies, co-founder of SURin English in 1984, has published her memoirs
16.12.13 - 13:56 -
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Memories, musings and more
Joan Davies at the presentation to colleagues and press club members.
Joan Davies, a pioneer of the foreign media on the Costa del Sol who with her husband Gerry co-created SUR in English with Prensa Malagueña, this week launched her memoirs, a project she has held dear for more than a decade.
The presentation of “Memories, musings and more” took place at a meeting of the Costa Press Club, of which Joan, 84, is a founder and honorary president.
In the book, published half a century after she left the Welsh valleys for Spain, Joan and her former colleagues recount details of daily life on the paper in the early days when Joan was chief reporter, recipe writer and social butterfly, representing a slice of time in the evolution of the Costa del Sol’s foreign media.
Joan looks back in her memoirs on her pioneering lifestyle, giving an insight into her childhood, growing up as the eldest of nine siblings, meeting and marrying her husband Gerald Davies in just five days, and the adventure of starting a new life on the virgin shores of the Costa del Sol back in 1964.
Commencing their Spanish idyll in a fisherman’s cottage in Los Boliches, Fuengirola, Joan and Gerry befriended aristocratic expats, and set out on a series of business ventures including purveying the wines of a Seville bodega and running a restaurant serving English roasts on a Marbella beach, before a twenty-two year liaison with SUR in English, chronicling the expat scene and opening the doors to a social whirl for journalist Joan.
“I started to write the book many years ago, and it is so gratifying to finally see my memories come to life on paper and share my experiences with the people I have met and worked with on the Costa del Sol, especially those who still remember my columns and recipes!” remarked Joan.


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